A new documentary that includes surveillance video showing Michael Brown in a convenience store hours before he was fatally shot sparked angry protests in Missouri Sunday night, with almost 100 people gathered outside the Ferguson Market & Liquor store.
The documentary is raising questions about the chronology of events surrounding Brown’s death, suggesting he did not rob the store and instead traded marijuana for store merchandise.
Ferguson Market & Liquor attorney Jay Kanzler, however, argues the filmmakers used an edited clip of Brown. He said the store employees reject a marijuana bag, but that clip was not used in the documentary.
Kanzler said he would release the store video Monday to show the store encounter in full.
The documentary film’s director, Jason Pollock, suggested otherwise, saying the marijuana exchange was possible.
“This is a shady store. We’ve asked a lot of people in this community,” Pollock told CNN on Monday.

The documentary filmmakers insist Brown did not rob the store, but rather traded marijuana for store merchandise including cigarillos. They say Brown left the store merchandise behind, and returned a second time to retrieve it.

“Mike did not rob the store,” the narrator said in documentary.
A co-owner of the store, however, insists Brown took merchandise.
Kanzler told the protesters that Brown’s family, his lawyers, and the authorities have long had the full video.
“The video has been out there,” Kanzler told the protestors. “This isn’t new.”
Sunday night’s protest, however, became more charged, forcing Kanzler to retreat inside the store. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that multiple gunshots were fired across the street from the store, but no one was injured.
A Ferguson police officer fatally shot Brown during a confrontation, shortly after Brown returned to the store for a second time.
Source: theHill.com

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